Monday night, a bar customer of mine received two stunning sets of leather driving gloves from his wife as they finished eating. I inquired, and the dude was leaving early Tuesday morning to drive a fly yellow 1952 Ferrari (for a friend) in the Mille Miglia classic. » 5/11/11 2:19am 5/11/11 2:19am

I think snapper.fishes meant piracy as in people on the sea capturing ships, killing the crew or holding them ransom. Not people illegally downloading the latest episode of "Dr. Who". » 5/11/11 2:11am 5/11/11 2:11am

I think that the cop sort of did the right thing here, hoping the situation wouldn't escalate before resorting to violence (maybe he should have been twenty seconds quicker to act) - this, is how they ought to act no matter what shade the miscreant is. » 5/11/11 2:04am 5/11/11 2:04am

What passes for "hotness" in the UK would be classified as "at least her handwriting is lovely" where I am from. » 5/11/11 1:58am 5/11/11 1:58am

I most sincerely hope that the Volvo "Valp" (puppy) has been posted here already. If not, here's one - more managable than a Sow (sugga), awesome for overlanders. » 5/10/11 2:11am 5/10/11 2:11am

Actually, I am fairly certain that the Trump is a second rate entertainer and a third rate businessman. Sadly, the way that today's world works means that this is actually a more successful combo. » 5/07/11 3:53am 5/07/11 3:53am

Word. I want that helmet cam to be used for all filming from now on. » 5/06/11 1:47am 5/06/11 1:47am

Apologies if anyone mentioned this already, but the exploding car is sponsored by "FairDinkum Sheds". I wonder if this is the sort of publicity they need? » 5/06/11 1:37am 5/06/11 1:37am

I don't think I have ever agreed with "therealmusashi" before. As an aside, I just an hour ago finished Tanizaki's "The Secret History of the Lord of Musashi". Very nice. » 5/06/11 1:28am 5/06/11 1:28am

You managed this in a much nicer, less judgmental way than I could have handled. Thanks. » 5/06/11 1:02am 5/06/11 1:02am

"Anyone can work on it" (the Crown Vic)? Maybe in Peoria, but similarly, your average mechanic in Lyon can fix a Citroën SM with some baling wire and absinthe - neither would help much in the Congo. » 5/06/11 12:42am 5/06/11 12:42am

Ridiculous. It's efficient, logical, and functional. Functional always looks good. The Vic is an outdated large chunk of extremely unattractive metal. And no one will ever judge you based on what shape taxi you just got out of. » 5/06/11 12:34am 5/06/11 12:34am

Oh yeah, that's a perfectly logical solution. Thank god there are people there to rub our balls to make us all safer. » 5/02/11 3:12am 5/02/11 3:12am

Spent a good month tooling around in Greece, in a friend's grandma's Subaru M70 (Euro market version of the Rex, the direct descendant of the Subaru 360). Mountain roads, lax traffic police, 665cc and 37PS is all I need from life. » 4/20/11 12:29pm 4/20/11 12:29pm